Information on UNLV- University of Nevada, Las Vegas

The University of Nevada Las Vegas, otherwise known as UNLV, was founded in 1957 as a small local college. It is now a well-respected research facility serving more than 20,000 students, including many nonresidents. Programs are offered at the undergraduate and graduate level, and there are more than 10 colleges offering instruction in a variety of disciplines.

Colleges & Schools Overview

There are 13 colleges and schools at UNLV, and they each have their own advising offices and degree programs. Students may enroll in the Honors College to tackle more aggressive study plans, but they remain students of their respective colleges and schools.

Certificate, bachelor, master and doctorate programs are available in the following colleges and schools:

• Allied Health Sciences
• Community Health Sciences
• Business
• Law
• Dental Medicine
• Education
• Engineering
• Fine Arts (architecture, dance, art, film, music, theater)
• Hotel Administration
• Nursing
• Sciences
• Urban Affairs

This list includes the prestigious William S. Boyd School of Law and the Lee Business School.

Student Support

UNLV strongly believes in assisting students so that they succeed even when obstacles are encountered. The Academic Success Center allows students to receive coaching and advising services when they face academic and personal struggles. The center also offers tutoring and supplemental academic material to students in all programs, and students may attend workshops and seminars to learn skills that may improve their lives as students and future professionals.

All students are supported by an extensive library system, including more than a million digital items that students can download. This helps students complete academic projects and study for classes without spending as much time sitting in the library. Each campus library is also stocked with printers, copiers, projectors, computers and other electronics that students may need.

Student Life

The UNLV Rebels are passionate about sports, and the school is dedicated to providing health and wellness facilities that all students can enjoy. There are more than 10 intercollegiate sport teams for which students may try out, and some students receive scholarships for their athletic abilities. The campus is home to a variety of facilities that athletes need for training, including:

• Baseball stadium
• Softball stadium
• Tennis complex
• Soccer building
• Football stadium

There are also facilities that all students are encouraged to use, including the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. There is an intramural field where students can socialize and exercise, and students have access to exercise classes and personal training services on campus. Crisis and emergency health services are also available as needed.

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